Get Amped Electrical Services specialise in house electrical rewiring in Northern Beaches.

Electrical rewiring in your house in Northern Beaches is a necessary step towards a safer home environment. As homes become older and time moves on so does the electrical cabling in all homes. Wiring becomes brittle and causes insulation breakdown exposing the copper cabling. When it comes to electrical rewiring, it is best to consult an experienced and trusted electrical services company like Get Amped, which has been servicing Sydney residents for years.


The one main problem is the Old VIR (Vulcanised Indian rubber) cabling has been around for many years. If you live in a house in the Northern Beaches that is built roughly 50+ years ago, then you may have electrical wiring that could potentially be dangerous.

House Rewiring Northen Bahes

Why do I need to rewire the electrical cabling in my house?

Many older houses in the Northern Beaches of Sydney were originally wired in VIR (Vulcanised India Rubber) and had a limited lifespan. This electrical wiring deteriorates over time and the insulation breaks away from the conductors, especially if disturbed, making your home unsafe. It is highly recommended that you don’t try to fix this yourself since it is dangerous. Instead, call a trusted local electrician to have it resolved immediately.


Most of this type of cable was run in steel conduit. Steel conduit poses a higher risk and can be potentially fatal as it is electrically conductive and can become live in the event a cable is worn through and contacts the conduit. Don’t let your property’s safety be compromised, call a trusted electrician in Northern Beaches today to start the electrical rewiring of your house. Remember, the longer you wait, the more you put yourself and your family at risk. When you call us, our polite and capable electricians will come prepared with the needed tools to keep your house safe from electrical issues.


If you have this type of cabling in your Northern Beaches home, don't wait! Give us a call and our experienced team of electricians will give you a quote to carry out electrical rewiring.

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