At Get Amped Electrical Services we understand the difficulties in choosing an electrician you can trust when wiring up a new home electrical system. That's why at Get Amped Electrical, we provide a lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship, including our new home electrical systems. 

When starting from scratch or adding an extension, like adding a bathroom, outdoor area or a kitchen, it is important that all electrical aspects are covered. It isn’t always possible to add a power point, light fitting or any new electrical equipment. So, it is really important to have an experienced electrician who has the foresight and trade knowledge with an eye for detail to uncover and suggest future upgrades that should be done now to save major headaches later on.


We can help with the project from electrical lighting designs to power point locations.

Modern Design Home

Electrical Renovations & New House Electrical Services

There are many modern aspects that must be incorporated into the average Northern Beaches home electrical installation to keep up with the technology that is constantly upgrading and evolving. In many cases, homeowners and builders must be guided by our experienced electricians to achieve the desired outcome.


Our experience enables us to provide quality workmanship on all electrical aspects of your renovation – from electrical design and layout, quoting through to completion in an efficient and professional manner. We pride ourselves on having an eye for detail and an open-minded attitude to your ideas. Over the years we have worked on some of the Northern Beaches and North shores most elaborate and designer homes.

Call us on 0431 392 053 and our experienced team of Northern beaches electricians at Get Amped Electrical Services will help you today.

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