At Get Amped Electrical Services we specialise in providing energy-efficient LED lighting Northern Beaches wide.


LED lights in fact are not that new, they’ve been used to illuminate signs, traffic lights, flashlights and television screens but mostly have been expensive and unreliable.


But in recent years, the technology has become much more advanced and much more affordable.  Having a professional electrician in Northern Beaches install simple LED downlights is now a much more affordable and practical option in residential homes. LED lightings not only save energy and cut up to 80% off your lighting bills but also are very safe to run as there is virtually no heat generated by new LED downlights.


Old halogen downlights burn at over 400 degrees. Numerous house fires have been started by the incorrect installation of halogen downlights either installed too close to timber in the roof space, insulation installs and leaf litter in roofs. Because of this, it is important to only have an experienced electrician do the LED light installation in your Northern Beaches property. Changing to energy Efficient LED downlights not only saves you money but may also save your home if done by a trusted professional.


LED Light Installation Costs - LEDs, Fluorescent Lights & Downlights Supply & Installation

While it may seem like a more expensive option initially, having LED downlights installed by a professional electrician can offer considerable savings when compared to having outdated incandescent lighting, or compact fluorescent light bulbs. Our experienced electricians have been servicing Sydney residents for years. We pride ourselves on being able to provide fast and reliable services that are suited to your budget. Why would you take a chance on an average electrician when you can call us today and so our experienced team of Northern beaches electricians at Get Amped Electrical Services can help you today.

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